The Mezquita

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Mosque (in Spanish “mosque” in Arabic مسجد “Masjid”) is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Cordoba, Spain. It was originally designed as a warehouse / temple / lighthouse. Later, he became the second largest mosque in the world.

Construction of the mosque began in about the sixth century after Christ as Christian church Visigoths. Later, Mezquita (Mosque originally Aljama) was more than two centuries to restore the mosque in 784 AD, under the leadership of the first Muslim Emir Abd ar-Rahman I, which uses it as a supplement to his palace and named in honor of his wife . Land was purchased the Amir of the previous owners. It is anticipated that the Visigoths site includes the Cathedral of San Vicente. If the forces of Tariq ibn Ziyad first occupied Cordoba in the year 711, Christian cathedral was suppressed.

Several explanations have been proposed to explain the unorthodox indication of the mosque. Some believe that Mihrab faces south, because the foundation of the mosque, were from the ancient Romans and Visigoths building. Others argue that Abd al-Rahman Mihrab sent to the south, as if he was still in the Ummayyad capital of Damascus, not in exile.