World’s Weirdest Hotels

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Meet the giraffes

Without sacrificing its estate-in-the-country dignity—or all of it, anyway—Giraffe Manor in Langata, Kenya, is arranged so that roaming giraffes can poke their heads into any open window or doorway with impunity and lather guests with their sticky, prehensile tongues. Your guesthouse is their guesthouse, so the silly creatures pop up everywhere, including over the breakfast table, in the lobby, and through the curtains of the five guest rooms for adults. Regrettably, as of this writing, the U.S. government had issued a travel warning for Kenya. For the latest info, visit the State Department website. 011-254/20-890-948, off-hours: 011-254/20-891-078,

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The Potala, dalai-lama’s palace

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country : China / Tibet
place : Lhassa

The Vatican and the Saint Peter’s basilica

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country : The Vatican
place : inside the town of Rome

Moai statues of the Easter island

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country : Chile
place : Easter island, in the middle of the Pacific

The Cappadocia and the Goreme valley

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country : Turkey
place : in the middle of the country