The Vatican and the Saint Peter’s basilica

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country : The Vatican
place : inside the town of Rome

The Hagia Sofia, Istanbul

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hagia sofia, istanbul

Hagia Sophia (Church of) Holy Wisdom, now known as the Ayasofya Museum, a former Eastern Orthodox church into a mosque in 1453 on the islands of Turks and converted into a museum in 1935. It is located in Istanbul, Turkey. It has traditionally been regarded as one of the great historic buildings. His conquest of the empire in the fall of Constantinople is considered one of the greatest tragedies of Christianity in the Greek Orthodox faithful.
The name comes from the Greek names Ἁγία Σοφία, compression Ναός τῆς Ἁγίας τοῦ Θεοῦ Σοφίας, in the sense of “Holy Wisdom of God.” He is also known as Sancta Sophia in Latin and Ayasofya in Turkish. Although sometimes referred to as “Santa Sofia” in English is not the name on behalf of St. Sophia – the Greek word Sophia means “wisdom”.

Pantheon, Rome

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012b.jpg (75699 bytes)Pantheon (Pantheon Latin infrequently Pantheum , Pantheion from Greek, means “haven for all the gods”) is a building in Rome, which was originally built as a temple of the seven gods of the seven planets in the state religion of ancient Rome, but it was Christian Church from 7 century. This is the best preserved of all Roman buildings and the oldest building in the world with its original roof intact. He has been in continuous use throughout its history. Although the identity Pantheon chief architect remains uncertain, largely due to Apollodorus of Damascus.

The Mezquita

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Mosque (in Spanish “mosque” in Arabic مسجد “Masjid”) is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Cordoba, Spain. It was originally designed as a warehouse / temple / lighthouse. Later, he became the second largest mosque in the world.

Construction of the mosque began in about the sixth century after Christ as Christian church Visigoths. Later, Mezquita (Mosque originally Aljama) was more than two centuries to restore the mosque in 784 AD, under the leadership of the first Muslim Emir Abd ar-Rahman I, which uses it as a supplement to his palace and named in honor of his wife . Land was purchased the Amir of the previous owners. It is anticipated that the Visigoths site includes the Cathedral of San Vicente. If the forces of Tariq ibn Ziyad first occupied Cordoba in the year 711, Christian cathedral was suppressed.

Several explanations have been proposed to explain the unorthodox indication of the mosque. Some believe that Mihrab faces south, because the foundation of the mosque, were from the ancient Romans and Visigoths building. Others argue that Abd al-Rahman Mihrab sent to the south, as if he was still in the Ummayyad capital of Damascus, not in exile.